April 2020 Workshop Feedback

Fab Colab-9

That’s the name we gave ourselves after we met for two full days to experience this Leadership Community Building Workshop in April of 2020 – yes, shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic caused us all to transition our work to the online world. These leaders had their lives upended and they wanted to see what they could learn about a new form of leadership – Community leadership. What did they learn? I will let them tell you.


“I have participated in many strategic planning sessions and team building activities in the past that simply scratched the surface. This unique, experiential workshop helped me dig deep to make real community connections with complete strangers within a mere few hours.” – Ash Arrowsmith, Recreation Professional, Town of Riverview, NB

“Lori, this workshop has been a master class in community building, and I am so impressed with your ability to lead…gently and effectively! Well done!! Highly recommend this experience!” Paul Abbass, Digital Marketing & Learning Strategist, Founder, LEGITIMED INC.

“Lori’s expertise and passion for community building is palpable and it shows in her delivery of this engaging workshop. As a youth recreation worker and youth football coach, the combination of discussions, presentations and sharing of personal stories has inspired me to build community with all the groups I interact with. – Matt McKinley, Youth Recreation Worker – Riverview NB

“Lori’s passion comes through for community building and it’s contagious. I highly recommend her course.” – Tami Chelew, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“Lori was gracefully able to guild us through the steps of becoming a community. She was also able to name or label different parts of the process in a way that was easy to understand.”
Mathieu Landry, Program Advisor for the Department of Health, GNB.

“Lori offered a unique perspective of community and the facilitation tools used were interesting and dynamic. Lori was able to create a comfortable and authentic sense of community with us.” – Kathy Sherwood-Orser

“My mind is literally blown! Such a great job, from the power points, to the stories to the questions. Wow! Loved the Workshop!” – Jessica LeBlanc – Educator BAA(CHYS), Bed

“I will soon be leading my board through strategic planning and I am so excited to use the techniques I learned in Lori’s workshop to help us deepen our sense of community.”– Jessica Hughes

A few impressions of the Workshop

Great job! I appreciate you Lori and am thankful I was a part of your pilot group.

Thanks, Lori for doing this. I’m really glad I got to participate. This experience has really made me think about my experiences doing community building and kind of made me realize that I think due to my unique situation I haven’t had a lot of “community” experiences because I haven’t been my authentic self. I hope that makes sense.

Great workshop; really loved this experiential take on learning how to build community.

Lori, this workshop has been a master class in community building and I am so impressed with your ability to lead … gently and effectively! Well done!!


If you’d like to have a visual of the impact this program had on the group, view the results of the survey.