Happiness is Belonging to a Community

I know; “Happiness is Belonging to a Community” won’t quite fit on a bumper sticker but I believe it to be true. I believe it so much that I have made it my mission to teach people everywhere how to build Community.

For all of my life, I’ve been trying to decode the process by which groups become Communities. This endeavor was intensified over the past nine years while I was researching and writing my second book, Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age, and test-driving programs to teach people how to build Community. [Spoiler alert: they work!].

Happiness is Belonging to a Community

Community is the Universal Happy Place where you experience the most caring connections that human beings can enjoy.

We’re wired for Community. This is why we find ourselves drawn to those “feel good” shows and movies, like the movie Little Miss Sunshine, and the sitcom, Community. We love to witness and experience vicariously the feeling of people coming together, caring about one another, and being there for one another.

Community Matters – A Lot

The feeling of belonging is essential for our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Life can be difficult at times and it is never more difficult than when we are going through rough times alone.

I’ve experienced great sadness in my life; grief that only the presence of my Community could even hope to assuage. Knowing that someone was willing to be present even while I was in such pain was life-affirming for me. I don’t know how I would have survived such loss without the support and care of my Community.

How does anyone survive difficult times without a Community?

Belonging to a Community is essential to our happiness. And we don’t have to wait and hope that Community will magically appear in our lives. We can build Community ourselves so that the happiness of belonging to a Community is ours today.

A Front Row Seat For Free

There are many misconceptions about what constitutes Community building but I can teach you the most effective way to build Community.

I wouldn’t try to sell you a new type of food without first letting you sample it. That is why I’m offering a front-row seat (virtually) at the new Free Introductory Sessions so you can experience what it is we do in Kalliergo programs, no strings attached.

The Introductory Session is not a sales pitch. It is not a pre-recorded session pretending to be live. I will be there in person via Zoom in an interactive session, 90 minutes long. I will deliver valuable takeaways and facilitate an experience of the Community Building process. You will receive a free digital copy of Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age and begin to learn how to create for yourself and those you live, work, and play with, the happiness of belonging to a Community.

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