May 2020 Workshop - Feedback

Leaders in their Communities

In May-June of 2020, ten people joined me for a Community Building Workshop. We met via Zoom six times for three hours at a time, over a period of three weeks. This group learned…well, I’ll let them tell you!


“ I learned that meetings that are led by a leader who tries to ensure everyone has a turn to voice their opinion may have better luck reaching their goals.”

“I gained the ability to recognize the stages of community will be very valuable in many different scenarios. I also appreciate the different approach to leadership.”

“More knowledge on what community actually means and some very good tips and techniques to use to be able to experience true community in a group setting.”

“I feel as though I have the words, now, to describe a process that I thought I fully understood. [Before] I used the term community loosely and will hold that word more dear and reserve it to describe true community…and now I have the skills to help facilitate that true community.”

“I think the biggest help was in understanding chaos can be a good thing that open the door for greater connection.” “I can see how a group of people who seem to have little in common can be brought together with the right facilitation.”

“I feel I have a better sense of what community really is.”

A few impressions of the Workshop

I very much enjoyed the workshop. It causes you to re-evaluate how a community should actually function. – Ralph Bos

Working through this workshop with Lori was a real growth experience. As someone who thought they were pretty competent in team and community building, I walked away with a whole new perspectives s well as new tools in my toolbox. Alaina Lockhart, Founder of InCredible Insights

I found real value in this workshop. It really makes a person stop and think and reflect on the positives in life. Everything happens for a reason. This workshop encourages a person to dig into their memory banks and reflect on this. Lana

The workshop helped expand my skills and understanding on how to build a safe, supportive and inclusive community both online and offline. Kelly Taylor, Executive Manager, Urban/Rural Rides

Six weeks ago, had you asked me to define community, I would have given you the definition of a group. Not only do I have a greater understanding of the scope and the complexities of a true community, I am equipped with practical tools to go out into the world and build meaningful and authentic communities with those around me. I am so grateful to have had this experience and would highly recommend this program to everyone! Teri McMackin


If you’d like to have a visual of the impact this program had on the group, view the results of the survey.