Why a Pilot Study?

Here’s Why 

  1. When I became aware of the challenges First Responders face, I recognized my programs could provide crucial support. This led me to develop my most comprehensive program yet, Support to First Responders, which not only delivers a powerful community-building experience but also equips participants with the skills to facilitate the growth of a community.
  2. Efforts to support First Responders are made through various programs, but they often lack two key components: the recognition of the value of the group dynamic and the understanding needed to nurture an authentic community that becomes a pre-crisis support group.
  3. Our programs radically and permanently transform the groups we work with. They bring people together in community. This fills in all the cracks so nobody can fall through.

Why a Pilot Study?

I could share pages and pages of Before and After survey results and feedback, but one will never come to understand the program’s efficacy, power, and beauty by learning about it; this only comes by experiencing it.

This Pilot study collects data from participants in multiple cohorts to demonstrate the program’s transformation of the group dynamic into a pre-crisis support group. This initiative aims to improve the lives of First Responders, ultimately benefiting everyone who relies on them. Reach out to me if this resonates with you so we can schedule a Zoom meeting to explore it further.

Photo by Albert Stoynov on Unsplash