Why Am I Offering Free Community Building Sessions?

Free Community building sessions

Often, during my free introductory community-building sessions, I hear this question:

“Why are you doing this?”

I am offering these sessions because what I do is so new and so unique, there is no relevant frame of reference for it. It’s not conventional team building – it’s the evolution of it; it’s not conventional leadership training, but rather, the accumulation of the most current leadership skills.

Those are frames of reference, yes, but they really don’t explain what I do.

I realized if I couldn’t “tell” people what I do, I needed to “show” them.

So, I held two Free community-building sessions here in Ottawa. Here is just some of the feedback:

“I enjoyed coming to your session the other night, it was very interesting, fun, and I loved how I was able to open up about my personal stuff without being judged buy anybody.  It felt like a safe space for me and I would love to do it again.”


“It was fun, it was nice knowing more about people and their lives! You did a great job inviting people for such an event and I really see that this gives you joy…I would be happy to join to anything you create.”

Online Community Building Sessions 

Then it occurred to me that if my mission is to spread community consciousness around the world, I needed to offer these sessions online. So that’s what I’m doing.

Do What You Are

Perhaps the question really is, why have you made it your life’s mission to teach people how to come together in community?

Answer: My vocation is not just something I do, but who I am! I feel very strongly about the value of community in our lives! And it feels as if life guided me to this very place to be doing what I’m doing. Do you know what I mean?


Join me for a Free Introductory Session! It will be time well spent and you will come away with a free copy of my community-building book – with no sales pitch, and, I promise, no Inbox full of marketing emails!

Details are here.

Photo by Sasha Panarin on Unsplash