How it Works

Working with Me


It starts with coffee. If you are in the Greater Moncton Area, we will arrange to meet at a local café.  If you are not local to me, we can schedule a meeting on ZOOM – a video meeting – coffee optional.  At the meeting, we will explore your culture/community building issues and concerns to see whether or not I can help. 



I offer live online programs and in person programs. Yes, I love to travel!


Ultimately, I provide a tailored service based on your needs and your budget.  Here are just some of the options:


1. A presentation about community building which includes the framework of the process and an experience of community building. These sessions are about three hours long.


2. One-day intensive community building workshops and two-day paced community building workshops.  The workshops comprise education and an experience of the community building process, the organizational culture component and leadership component. NOTE: The 2-Day Workshop is also offered as a completely online program, where leaders learn how to build community with their teams.


3. A two-three session (4.5 hours total) program to introduce participants to community building and how it can enhance the dynamics of the group. The sessions include education and an experience in community building and are spaced out over two-three weeks.


4. A 12-18 session program (90 minutes each) to teach leaders how to build community with their teams. This includes education, an experience in community building and coaching in community building.


5. Coaching for teachers/professors who want to build community with the students in their online courses.


Contact me today so we can explore the possibilities for building community in your organization.

Call or text me at (506) 378-2124 or email me: