Is Your Workplace Culture Less Cohesive and More Fragmented Today?

With the current hybrid work model, people are less connected. Are there conflicts and competition and not enough collaboration in your organization? Is the environment unproductive or disconnected? These things not only impact the morale in your workplace environment, they diminish your engagement – and retention.

We Can Help You Create a Culture of Connection

A common misconception about fostering a culture of connection is that all you need to do is put people together, in the same office space, for example and a cohesive community will be the result. No, it doesn’t just happen!  Specific actions must be taken, and we know what those actions are.

We have developed a proprietary process to create a culture of connection of the finest kind, a community culture. This transforms the organization in a way team-building could only dream of doing.

Customized programs

Our programs are fully customized to meet your needs. Let’s schedule a complimentary Zoom meeting and sit down and see what those needs are so we can craft the program that suits these needs, your time and your budget.


A Lifetime Passion for Bringing People Together

Our Mission

To teach people everywhere how to build community, spreading community consciousness around the world, so that nobody anywhere ever has to feel alone.

Our Vision

A world of people enjoying warm, authentic communities in the home, in the schools, in the workplace; in all the places we dwell.


Client 1“I have participated in many strategic planning sessions and team-building activities in the past that simply scratched the surface. This unique, experiential workshop helped me dig deep to make real community connections with complete strangers within a mere few hours. ”

Ash Arrowsmith, Recreation Professional, Town of Riverview, NB

Client 2

” I have used Kalliergo to build community in my business and in the classroom. No other program does what Kalliergo does. Community building is not the same as social-emotional learning programs. SEL training is good but it does not create community. Kalliergo’s multi-step approach methodically leads groups into thinking about how to create and be an actual community. When we say that we are part of a community without Kalliergo training, we rarely are a community. I highly recommend Lori’s approach!”

Louise Yakey, Executive Director, Tutors to Teachers & CEO Arise Tutors, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Client 3

“Community building with Lori is unlike any workshop or leadership course you’ve taken before! The usual rules of conduct don’t apply. Every voice matters and Lori does a good job of moderating that.”


Sarah Lord,
Ph.D. Health & Wellness Coordinator