"Organizational culture
is the biggest driver
of a company's
competitive edge"

Lori Gosselin

Kalliergo Community Building Corp

Growing Communities Together

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Kalliergo Community Building Programs

Increase collaboration, communication, and problem solving.


Support mental health and facilitate employee engagement and retention.


Address specific organizational goals.


Empower managers to harness the most effective form of leadership: Community.


Create happier workplaces.


  • University and High School class presentations and programs that inspire future leaders to adopt a Community mindset 
  • Group work – introduction to Community and exercises in Community building 
  • Culture Tune-ups: 3-4 session programs that supercharge organizational cultures 
  • Executive Consultation/Coaching
  • Leadership programs that teach leaders how to build Community with their teams
  • Workshops for instructors who are teaching in the virtual world
  • Community building training for student leaders


“The soft stuff is the hard stuff. Yet these difficult ‘people issues’ have the power to shape the culture of innovation and create a sustained competitive advantage.”


Community Building is Not the Same as
Team Building

Team building is about strategy; Community building is about culture. If you don’t get the culture right, it really doesn’t matter how right you get the strategy.


Community building is relationship building; it forges authentic connections among the members of the group. 


Good relationships are the foundation of any successful endeavour. 


Community represents the furthest evolution of group dynamics.


Every Community is also a team, but very few teams are Communities.


True Community is rare.


Let’s change that.