The 5 W’s of Community Building


What Exactly is “Community”?

“Community” is much more than a way to refer to a city, town, or a club, more than a group of people with shared interests, more than an Instagram or YouTube following. Community means “coming-into-unity”. A community is a complex dynamic of supportive, close, caring relationships among a group of people.

Our Proprietary Programs Reinforce Engagement and Retention

Based on the frameworks of organizational culture, my process is impactful and refreshing. In the business world, we have become accustomed to the old command-and-control approach to organizational management but that, like team building, is the past; community building is the future.

Leaders emerge from Kalliergo programs knowing how to create, guide, and sustain a cohesive group of people who care about one another and know how to navigate the challenges of relationships; communication, conflict resolution, problem-solving, and collaboration.


We Need People Skilled in Community Building

This 2023, the Surgeon General of the US issued an Advisory called “Our Epidemic of Loneliness and Isolation”. In this Advisory where he outlines this urgent public health issue, he says one of the solutions is Cultivating a culture of connection.”  He is talking about a community culture.

Common Misconception 

Too many people believe that if you simply put people together (in the same office space, same staff party, etc.) community will be the result. No: Specific actions must be taken. Simply calling a group a community does not make it so. 

I have developed an approach to community building that is transformational. As one participant said about my community leadership program, “This is unlike any other workshop or leadership course!” Another participant wrote,

“I have participated in many strategic planning sessions and team-building activities in the past that simply scratched the surface. This unique, experiential workshop helped me dig deep to make real community connections with complete strangers within a mere few hours.” Ash Arrowsmith, Recreation Professional, Town of Riverview, NB


Community Leadership Workshops

Our online, live workshops are completely customized to your needs. Let’s schedule a complimentary Zoom session to discuss them and craft the perfect solution for you.


Lori Gosselin  

Community building is something I live and breathe. Driven by a lifelong passion for community, once my children were grown and on their own, I spent three years researching and writing a book about community building; Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age, went back to university to get my master’s degree in organizational management where I developed the business model, incorporated the business, began training my team and have been writing and talking about community building at every opportunity (including Rotary Club meetings across Canada and the US) while evolving and implementing my programs. Why? Because I believe community is important.

I have worked with non-profit organizations, large corporations, informal groups, and students in educational settings from High School to University in Canada and the United States. This is the feedback my programs typically receive.

“I have used Kalliergo to build community in my business and in the classroom. No other program does what Kalliergo does. Kalliergo’s multi-step approach methodically leads groups into thinking about how to create and be an actual community. When we say that we are part of a community without Kalliergo training, we rarely are a community. I highly recommend Lori’s approach!”  Louise Yakey, Executive Director, Tutors to Teachers & CEO Arise Tutors, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Insightful & practical, Lori is a gifted facilitator with a passion to help us build better communities with one another. The material & methodology of this online course created a supportive learning environment, a refreshing experience.”  Matt Emerson – Rotary Club of East York

“Working through this workshop with Lori was a real growth experience. As someone who thought they were pretty competent in team and community building, I walked away with a whole new perspective as well as new tools in my toolbox.”  Alaina Lockhart, Founder of InCredible Insights