Community Building Services

Naturally-forming Bonds of the Past

We did not need community building services in the past, because communities formed naturally around our survival needs as people reached out to support one another. In that space, we formed bonds as a result of our proximity and shared interests.

We did not need to know how to build communities then.

Community Building Services Are Needed Today

Today it is different. We have scaled the ladder of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. With Physiological and Safety needs met, we are now at the middle level, that of Love and Belonging. The proximity and shared interests that in the past were the impetus for communities to form and emotional closeness to grow are gone. Yet our need for emotional closeness has not gone anywhere. In fact, our world suffers for lack of it. We now face an epidemic of loneliness, and crises of suicide, substance abuse, and mental health. Could these situations exist in a world filled with real community? No, not “community” in the way I understand it – in the way we need it.

We needed to learn how to decode the community building process and build communities deliberately and this decoding was the genesis of Kalliergo Community Building. Team building is not the same thing as community building, nor is community development. Community building is about developing close connections among the members of the group. These relationships form the foundation for any successful endeavour.

Today, we need, as a society, to actively “do” community building wherever people gather in groups; the workplace, schools, neighbourhoods, etc. We need to build communities in all the places we dwell. At Kalliergo Community Building, we have the frameworks and tools to get you started.

Kalliergo Services – Is This You?

  • Do you manage a workplace, own a business, or a non-profit and want to create a community culture? We can help.
  • Are you a teacher who wants to learn how to bring your students together into  supportive cohorts? We can help.
  • Do you manage a First Responder frontline team and want to provide an extra (powerful) layer of support to take a proactive approach to mental health support? We can help.
  • Are you part of a board or association that needs help with inspiration, organization, or collaboration? We can help.

You Are in a Position to Make a Difference

If you are a leader, you can help to fill our world with more communities. It not only will help your organization, it will also help to spread community consciousness and the world needs community consciousness now more than ever.

Get in touch! Let’s plan a Zoom call to explore the possibilities!

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash