BA, M.Org. M (Master of Organizational Management) Author, Educator, and Founder & CEO of Kalliergo Community Building

Since I published Sounding the Drum: Community Building in the Digital Age in 2017, together with my team I have been adding to the body of knowledge about community building. We’ve developed a proprietary process and delivered community-building programs in Canada and in the United States, both online and off.

I feel strongly that nobody anywhere should be without a community in their lives. This is why I made it my mission to spread community consciousness around the world by teaching people all about community and how to build it. When enough people know how to build community, no one – anywhere – ever has to feel alone. I founded Kalliergo Community Building Corporation in 2019 to support this mission.

Community building is the next generation of team building surpassing it in every possible way. You’ve tried team building – now try something that promotes lasting change.

Community building (helping people “come-into-unity”) supports retention and engagement like nothing else can. Explore our fresh and innovative approach to organizational management and watch your business prosper.

Community building changes lives! We should all wake up in the morning and join our community for breakfast. We should go to work or school and greet our communities there. We should enjoy meeting up with our communities at the gym or yoga studio after work or school. Everyone should know the deep joy of belonging to a community wherever they go.

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