Community Leadership Program

Lori Delivering a Community Building Program over Zoom

Learn How to Build, Guide, and Sustain a Community

We know today how important Community is in society.  We can teach you how to build one.

This highly interactive, fun, and experiential workshop will give you tools beyond just Community building (just!?). In this workshop, you will gain valuable life skills, a greater sense of who you are, and a guide for navigating relationships, even the one you have with yourself.

Come and learn how to build Community with your family, your friends, your colleagues at work, and with any group or club you are a part of. Learning to build Community will bring more joy into your life and into the lives of those you build Community with.

“We are a closer-knit and more collaborative group than before the program and the quality of our relationships has deepened.  Lori did a great job of guiding us through the process and we all learned a great deal about ourselves through reflection and challenging each other’s preconceived notions and ideas.”

Simon Carter, CIPP, Claims Supervisor, The Co-operators

Participants of this program learn how to:

  1. Build an effective, cohesive, and supportive group
  2. Foster a sense of cooperation rather than competition among members
  3. Facilitate better communication and collaboration among members
  4. Increase the quality of relationships among members
  5. Increase critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  6. Foster greater self-awareness

“Not only do I have a greater understanding of the scope and the complexities of a true Community, but I am also equipped with practical tools to go out into the world and build meaningful and authentic Communities with those around me. I am so grateful to have had this experience and would highly recommend this program to everyone!”

Teri McMackin

Community Leadership

The Community Building Program trains participants in the cutting-edge leadership style required to lead an organization today.

In this program, participants not only come to understand what a community can be, and how to guide a group in its evolution into community, they have an experience of the community-building process as they are learning about it.

Skills, Competencies, and Tangible Outcomes

Community building creates a foundation of relationships that makes collaboration more effective and productive and facilitates an environment of camaraderie. In the Kalliergo Community Building Program, leaders gain an experience of the value and importance of Community as they learn how to build, guide, and maintain Community with their team.

This program develops a Community Leadership style that is cooperative, inclusive, collaborative, empowering, effective, friendly, authentic, and proficient.

The Program has Two Parts:

In part one, participants come to fully understand what a Community is, how its members act and feel, and what it takes for a group to evolve into a Community.

In part two, participants learn how to build, guide, and sustain a Community. This includes developing the skill of problem-solving and leading a group in consensus.

Forums and Formats

The program is offered in two different forums: online (via Zoom) and in person.

It is also delivered in one of two formats:

  1. 6-ninety-minute sessions spread out over days or weeks
  2. 2-day Retreat-style format held over a weekend, or two days a week apart


Participations with full attendance and participation in the Community Building Program will receive a Community Leadership Certificate.

First Step

If you want to look into this program more, the best thing to do is take in one of our free Introductory Sessions, where you can meet us and experience what we do to see if this is something for you. This session is not a sales pitch and it is live via Zoom. Details are here!