Happiness and Community Go Together

Stats are exciting but my motive is spreading happiness and Community and happiness go together.







Have You Ever Lost Focus?

I admit it; I’ve gotten a bit off track of late. I launched my first advertising campaign a month ago and got so caught up in watching the data coming in (which is addictive, like playing a computer game – waiting, watching) that I forgot why I’m doing it at all.

In my defense, it’s exciting to see traffic all over the world because I have made it my mission to spread community consciousness around the globe. But getting fixated on the data coming in caused me to lose sight of the reason for my mission!

It struck me this morning:

Community Building is About Happiness

Pure and simple. When you belong to a true community, life is better because you feel happier. This is why I love to teach people how to build community.

A brief story will illustrate: I’ve been living in an apartment building for the past three years and, since pandemic restrictions lifted, doing what I always do, building community here. Many would say I’m succeeding because our group has 37% of the population here in it. We’ve had potlucks and games nights. And it’s fun. Yet I know we haven’t evolved into a Community, otherwise, I could never come away from an event feeling lonely – when I’ve just been with people! 

I know; we have more work to do here. Community building is not just about bringing people together. It’s about forging authentic connections among the people. We have all experienced the sensation of feeling alone in a crowd. Loneliness stats show far too many of us feel lonely no matter where we are. Why?

Because when there isn’t anyone who knows us, sees or hears us, or understands us, we essentially are alone.

We never feel that way when we belong to a true community, even when we’re not with our community, because we know they are always there for us.

Attention Introverts!

No matter how introverted you are, it is a relief to know there is a group of people who you can connect with. Disconnection is painful, as we all learned through the devastating years of the pandemic and beyond.

We Need More Communities

I say that my mission is to spread community consciousness around the globe. Yes, this is true, but why? Because when more people know how to build communities there will be more communities in the world and fewer people without the opportunity to belong to one.

When I stopped focusing on the success of my campaign and remembered why I had launched the campaign, I regained my focus – the reason behind my mission – Spreading Happiness through Community Building education.

Happiness and community go together beautifully. Let’s build more community together!

Join me!Let's build Community together and spread happiness around the globe