Feedback and Testimonials From Program Participants

“Six weeks ago, had you asked me to define community, I would have given you the definition of a group. Not only do I have a greater understanding of the scope and the complexities of a true community, I am equipped with practical tools to go out into the world and build meaningful and authentic communities with those around me. I am so grateful to have had this experience and would highly recommend this program to everyone!” Teri McMackin

“Lori, this workshop has been a master class in community building, and I am so impressed with your ability to lead…gently and effectively! Well done!! Highly recommend this experience!” Paul Abbass, Digital Marketing & Learning Strategist, Founder, LEGITIMED INC.

“Lori did an amazing job leading our group in Community Building Sessions. She encouraged and promoted honesty & vulnerability which allowed us to grow as a team. I truly enjoyed my time spent with Lori and would encourage the use of her services. Time very well spent!” Kate Esson, CIP, BA, Claims Supervisor, East Coast Response Centre, The Co-operators

“The workshop helped expand my skills and understanding on how to build a safe, supportive and inclusive community both online and offline.” Kelly Taylor, Executive Manager, Urban/Rural Rides

“This was a great hands-on experience. I was able to connect with people from all walks of life and find connections and support. I feel confident leaving this workshop that I can effectively build a community that will be strong and long-lasting.” Mackenzie

“The community building program opened my eyes to the concept of authentic community and showed me what is possible when you look outside of the box. We got to know each other much better on a personal and professional level and this led to a mutual understanding and more cooperation within the group.” Tammy Saurette Wilson, RN BN, CDE, Co-Chair of Diabetes Canada New Brunswick South-East Professional Section Chapter

“During these past weeks, I have been challenged to consider the ways I choose to interact with members of groups I participate in, particularly in situations where it’s possible to “hide out.” I have learned ways to have a positive influence on the group dynamics without leading to unworkable power struggles.” Margaret LaBarge

“This was such an eye-opening experience for me. I thought I knew what Community meant, but found out it is so much more! I appreciate all of the opportunities this group provided to share and grow.” Wendy J Otness

“I feel a new sense of peace regarding conflict resolution. I used to avoid confrontation; now I have valuable tools that will help guide me through tough situations. Thank you, Lori!” Melissa Carlson

“Insightful & practical, Lori is a gifted facilitator with a passion to help us build better communities with one another. The material & methodology of this online course created a supportive learning environment, a refreshing experience.” Matt Emerson – Rotary Club of East York

“This workshop has allowed me to learn so much more not only how to be a leader in community building, but also how to better my current personal relationships, both with others and myself. I am amazed at how close I felt to the group after just 9 hours together. I will apply this experience to any group that I am a part of in the future.” Victoria Smith

“A valuable opportunity to understand the foundations of building a Community and to participate in Community building in action with participants across Canada in a virtual setting.” Lydia Hodgson, Director of Club Administration, Saint City Rotary, Alberta

“This workshop was a great experience. It exposed me to aspects of community that I had not yet considered. I looked forward to the next break group sessions each week.” Carolyn

“It was a great way to start to understand how communities are formed and then evolve. The tools provided and conversations were enlightening. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to participate.” Karmel

“I really enjoyed this workshop and having a community-building experience with Lori! I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to better understand and build more community in their lives!” Natasha

“Lori’s expertise and passion for community building is palpable and it shows in her delivery of this engaging workshop. As a youth recreation worker and youth football coach, the combination of discussions, presentations and sharing of personal stories has inspired me to build community with all the groups I interact with. Matt McKinley, Youth Recreation Worker – Riverview NB

“Lori’s passion comes through for community building and it’s contagious. I highly recommend her course.” Tami Chelew, MA, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“My mind is literally blown! Such a great job, from the power points, to the stories to the questions. Wow! Loved the Workshop!” Jessica LeBlanc – Educator BAA(CHYS), Bed

“Lori was gracefully able to guild us through the steps of becoming a community. She was also able to name or label different parts of the process in a way that was easy to understand.” Mathieu Landry, Program Advisor for the Department of Health, GNB.

“Lori did an amazing job at facilitating the sessions. The Community Building Experience has been an emotional experience and I believe it has directly enhanced my work and personal relationships.”  Manon Larochelle, FCIP, The Co-operators

“Learning by sharing helped our team get to know each other on a deeper level and gain perspective. Lori made it fun for our team and created an environment of trust that encouraged conversation. She is passionate about community and wants to share the benefits and feeling with all.”  Kate Rodgers, CIP, Reporting Centre Supervisor, COSECO Insurance

“We are a closer knit and more collaborative group than before the program and the quality of our relationships have deepened. Lori did a great job of guiding us through the process and we all learned a great deal about ourselves through reflection and challenging each-others preconceived notions and ideas.” Simon Carter CIPP, Claims Supervisor, The Co-operators

“Before going through this process, I assumed that building community was only something that you did when you lived and participated in your local community. I had no idea that it could be so much more or that it could happen in a work environment. In the end I left feeling like we had developed a good group of solid community members which we can now rely upon whenever needed. I would recommend this process to anyone looking to understand the real benefits of true community building and Lori is certainly the right person to make it happen.” Aimee Chapman, Claims Supervisor, The Co-operators

“A great experience with a very knowledgeable and open facilitator. The program that Lori offers (Community Building) is more important now than it ever was. For any organization, company, learning institution etc. wanting a build a stronger community this program is a must! I strongly recommend this to any group wishing to become a highly effective and cohesive group.” Wayne Gillis, Pharmaceutical Sales (NovoNordisk)

“I very much enjoyed the workshop. It causes you to re-evaluate how a community should actually function.” Ralph Bos

“Working through this workshop with Lori was a real growth experience. As someone who thought they were pretty competent in team and community building, I walked away with a whole new perspective as well as new tools in my toolbox.” Alaina Lockhart, Founder of InCredible Insights

“I found real value in this workshop. It really makes a person stop and think and reflect on the positives in life. Everything happens for a reason. This workshop encourages a person to dig into their memory banks and reflect on this.” Lana

“I think building community as a skill will definitely help me through my career exploration. The reason for this is, as I explore different kinds of careers that I would possibly be interested in, I can practice my skills such as communicating with others, interacting with them and the genuine and honest feedback they would give me is invaluable as that will lead me to become a better person for them. Because according to Lori, community can be our own rock [of] support in our crucible moments or in any kind of situation.” Areli

“I really liked Lori’s presentation. I think in our class we are starting to build community by communicating together, supporting and helping each other in our tasks. Building a community is, in fact, a skill and it is essential because it goes beyond mere networking to help us achieve our goals together.” Hanaa