Community Building or Team Building?

Community cultureWhich will Serve You Better?

Community Building is the next generation of team building. It’s team building all grown up! However, community building and team building differ in four significant ways.

Let’s focus on the leadership aspect. Team building results in a group of people who follow the leader. We used to believe that was what leadership was. Community building results in a group of people who are leaders.

A team is a wonderful thing, but we need more than a team spirit; we need a community culture.

Imagine the Impact of Community Building

Imagine the impact community building can have on the classroom (support and inclusion of all students, healthier learning environment, etc.) in the workplace (collaboration, communication, creativity, etc.), or in the home (raising children in a community gives them community consciousness and creates more community builders.)

Let’s Meet and Talk About Community!

At a Free Introductory Session recently, a very wise person said the family is the smallest unit of society, and if we get that right, we will get the rest right. Building community at home helps us to get it right.

Every community is also a team but few teams are communities.  If you want to have both in your organization, undertaking community-building training is your best course of action.

A Front Row Seat

Claim a front-row seat in one of our Complimentary Introductory Community Building Sessions so you can see exactly what community-building looks like and how our training may serve you personally, or professionally.

These sessions are offered live on Zoom, are not recorded (so no recording to listen to if you miss it), are a blend of information and experience, but contain no sales pitch. And signing up to receive dates means dates are all you will receive.

Check it out here! Let’s get together and spread community consciousness at work, at play, and at home.

Photo by Gyan Shahane on Unsplash