Creating a Culture of Connection

Creating a Culture of Connection – a Community Culture

This program reinforces the mission, values, goals, and vision of the organization and brings people together in a meaningful way. It creates a cohesive group of people who work better together and enjoy one another, an organization of people who are as happy to come to work on Monday morning as they are to leave for home on Friday afternoon!

The Program has 4-6 Modules

Module I: participants explore personal culture – who they are- who they bring to the table

Module II: we explore company culture by exploring its history, underlying beliefs, values, goals, and mission.

Module III: we look at how an organization evolves into a community culture – a culture of connection

Module IV: we explore the culture of this group as it pertains to a culture of connection.

Two Optional Modules are available:

Module V: an exploration of consensus, a way a connected culture solves problems and makes decisions

Module VI: we explore any issues the company wants us to address using everything we’ve learned/experienced in the first five modules.


Forums and Formats

The program is offered in one of two different forums: online (via Zoom) and in person.

It is also delivered in one of two formats:

  1. 4-6-ninety-minute sessions spread out over days or weeks
  2. 2-day Retreat-style format held over a weekend, or on two days, a week apart


Community building is a way of life that everyone should take the time to look into. It’s a way to have more deep and meaningful relationships among the members of any group. This can only result in a better understanding of one another and the ability to work toward the same goal and accomplish so much more. Nadia Murphy, I.I., B.Sc.Inf., ÉAD / RN, BScN, CDE, Infirmière / Nurse, Zone 1B


The need for Community is not only essential in certain circles but a necessity for all to thrive and impact our world positively. Thanks, Lori, for moving our group into a community. You are not only a coordinator, but a practitioner of what you teach. Indeed, I am equipped with greater confidence that I can build a thriving community and help any group attain the status of a community. I am definitely empowered. Bisi


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