Community Building Programs

Lori Gosselin delivers Community Building programs worldwide
Lori Gosselin delivers Community Building programs worldwide












At Kalliergo, we customize our proprietary foundational Community Building program to meet your specific needs. All our programs work with the frameworks of Community and Community building to teach people how to build communities together.

Leadership Programs: teach leaders how to build Community with their teams. We deliver these programs via live Zoom workshops with 6 ninety-minute sessions. This format forms the foundation for the student leaders’ training and the Apartment Living program. See more information about this foundation program here.

Culture Tune-ups: this 6 ninety-minute session program reinforces organizational culture’s values, mission, goals, and vision. We provide participants with the tools to continue building Community together.

Programs for teachers who want to build Community in the classroom. This comprehensive Community building program runs throughout the school year. Contact me for more details.

Community building training for student leaders.

We customize our programs to suit your needs and if we can’t deliver what you need, we will tell you.


First Step

If you want to look into our programs more, the best thing to do is take in one of our free Introductory Sessions, where you can meet us and experience what we do to see if this is something for you. This session is not a sales pitch and it happens live via Zoom. See details here!


“I have participated in many strategic planning sessions and team-building activities in the past that simply scratched the surface. This unique, experiential workshop helped me dig deep to make real community connections with complete strangers within a mere few hours.”  – Ash Arrowsmith, Recreation Professional, Town of Riverview, NB

“The program that Lori offers is more important now than it ever was. For any organization, company, learning institution etc. wanting a build a stronger community this program is a must! I strongly recommend this to any group wishing to become a highly effective and cohesive group”. Wayne Gillis, Pharmaceutical Sales (NovoNordisk)

“Lori, this workshop has been a master class in community building, and I am so impressed with your ability to lead…gently and effectively! Well done!! Highly recommend this experience!” – Paul Abbass, Digital Marketing & Learning Strategist, Founder, LEGITIMED INC.