How to Improve Group Dynamics

How to improve group dynamics

How Can You Improve Group Dynamics in Your Organization?

If things are not running smoothly in your organization, you may need to work on your group dynamics, but what exactly does “group dynamics” mean? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines group dynamics as

the interacting forces within a small human group

I would argue that the term applies to large groups as well. So what are these “interacting forces within”?

They are the way the members of a group relate to one another, in other words; the relationships.

If you want to improve the dynamics of your group, you can do all sorts of things – and many of them would be a waste of your time and money. This is because other approaches dance around the issue rather than addressing it head-on.

Community building addresses group dynamic issues head-on because community building is relationship building. Though there is much more to our community-building programs than this, I want to clarify that when we say “community” we mean “coming-into-unity”.

Community building fosters the growth of profound relationships among the members of an organization. With this shift, conflicts and power struggles are minimized and issues are able to be resolved eloquently.

Wait! Can It Be That Simple?

Yes! Having meaningful relationships – not just functional ones – with members of the group changes the dynamics significantly. When we don’t really know our team members, it’s easy to judge them and oppose their ideas and actions. But when we are truly in unity with the other members of the group, we are less likely to be in conflict with them or judge them because community building makes everyone “us” and we are not as quick to point a finger in blame or judgment at someone we consider one of us.

Does This Mean Everyone Needs to Agree All of the Time?

No! In a real community, members are empowered to express an opposing opinion. A community benefits from the gifts, ideas, talents, and life experiences of its members. This enables it to make better decisions and resolve conflict more effectively.

Kalliergo Community Building programs have a powerful impact on group dynamics because after we guide the group in coming-into-unity together they enjoy these wonderful benefits:

  1. They are committed to one another and to the organization
  2. They are inclusive of all diversity, making this a safe space
  3. They are able to be authentically who they are
  4. They support one another
  5. Many leaders step up to the plate and share the leadership
  6. Because of the excellent communication, they collaborate well together
  7. They enjoy a rare brand of camaraderie

At Kalliergo Community Building we are skilled in guiding groups into community and this is a game changer for these groups.

“Community” is the highest evolution of group dynamics.

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash