Why Should You Build Community?

joy is the value in Community Building

Why Build Community?!

Community building is one of the most fun and rewarding things you can do in life: Community building brings joy to people – at home, at work, in volunteer work, at the gym, in apartment buildings, and in social settings. Being part of a real community creates a feeling of belonging that is rare in the world today.

Here are some organizations that I’ve worked with – to show you the kind of work we do at Kalliergo Community Building.


In the Corporate World

A national Canadian insurance company asked us to train their supervisors in building community with their virtual teams.

Why Build Community in the Corporate World? The outcome of this workshop was that not only did participants learn how to build community with their virtual teams, but in the process of the workshop-facilitated community building exercises, they began to enjoy community support among their colleagues who were participants in the program.


In the Non-profit Sector

A grassroots group of nutritionists wanted to revive their zeal and gain clarity on what project to do next so they invited me to work with them.

Why Build Community in the non-profit sector? Through the program, these participants regained their enthusiasm for the mission and clarity about their next step. They also came to understand one another better which made it easier to communicate and collaborate about their work.


In the University Classroom

The professor of a group of healthcare Master Students at a New Brunswick university wanted her students to learn more about community. She was familiar with my work so she invited me to come and speak to her class.

Why Build Community in the Classroom? By the end of the highly interactive presentation, the students had grown closer and had come to understand one another better. They reported that they recognized how important community building is to the workplace, and that, “Community building should be part of every class at the University”.


In Municipal Leadership

When Covid struck, restrictions forced municipal leaders into an unfamiliar online setting. I delivered an online community building workshop to help them to learn how to navigate this new online platform.

Why Build Community with Municipal Leaders?  By the end of the workshop, they had community building skills to apply to their new roles, and they had forged stronger connections with one another.


Why Should You Build Community?

The greatest outcome of community building is joy. Community building is the best way to care about the people in your life. How better can you create a supportive, loving safe space of belonging for them? Community is the Universal Happy Place!

Nobody should be without a community in their lives! Especially when there is a simple and clear guide about how to build one, and experts to get you started.


Would you like to hear feedback directly from participants of some of our Programs? Contact me to request my Portfolio of Results.

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash