Community Leadership

Community Leadership

What is “Community” Leadership?

Community leadership is the evolution of traditional leadership. It is on the cutting edge of organizational management. It is empowering, collaborative, holistic – and effective.

Because a community is a decentralized group, leadership is naturally shared among the members as this is the most practical and effective way for a group to flourish. In a true community, there are no power struggles: We do not struggle to obtain something we already have.

The sharing of leadership is a challenge for traditional leaders. But with an appreciation and an understanding of what a community truly is, all that changes.

What is a Community?

When I say community, I mean a real Community, not a group defined by geographical boundaries or shared interests, nor a company’s clientele or the people who follow someone’s social media pages. Those are not communities.

A true community is a group of people who have evolved together into a complex dynamic of authentic, supportive, and meaningful relationships with one another.

A community culture forms the foundation for all successful pursuits.

The Role of the Community Leader

First, a community leader guides the group in its evolution into community. Once the group has become a community, the leader takes a behind-the-scenes role as members assume leadership in their own areas of expertise and experience.

Now the leader’s job predominantly consists of troubleshooting, conflict resolution, and maintenance, but even these tasks are undertaken with the participation of the community. Not by the leader alone.

Community Leadership Training

In Kalliergo Community Building workshops, participants not only learn how to become community leaders but also how to define, build, guide, and sustain a community, how to facilitate conflict resolution, and much more.

Full attendance and participation earn participants Community Leadership Certification from Kalliergo Community Building.

Photo by Adib Hussain on Unsplash