The Happy Place

Cover of The Happy Place by Lori Gosselin

The Happy Place

“I find this book to be one of, if not THE most powerful mental health manuals I have ever read, professionally and personally! Oh, how I wished I had discovered it long before I retired. It does not seem to waste words. It is dynamic in its simplicity. It should be studied by every living human body that must carry a fragile human soul for a lifetime.”

~ from an Amazon review 

Here is a compilation of comments from Amazon reviews of my first book, The Happy Place. If you read and review, contact me so I can see how you felt about the book! Thanks!


Did you enjoy the book?

“I loved this book from the beginning to the end!!! It was very enlightening and held my attention at all times. 

“This is a beautiful, thoughtful, genuine book that will benefit all who read it.” 

“This book sounded very familiar to my life- I related to it very strongly.” 

“Every bit of it touched my heart because of the vulnerability with which she writes.” 

“I picked up The Happy Place yesterday thinking I would just begin to delve into its content. I soon found that I could not put this riveting book down and finished it in one day.” 

“The Happy Place by Lori Gosselin is a work of pure poetry.” 

“If you are looking for actionable tools and a story that is woven intricately and beautifully, you will want to read “The Happy Place”.”

“The book was so readable, I finished it in one sitting, and never felt like I was reading an “educational” book.” 

“The writing drew me into her story while opening up thoughts and experiences in my own life.” 

“Lori Gosselin’s book drew me in from the very beginning. I easily related to her personal stories from childhood and the hurts she so openly shared.” 

“Lori has put together a real page-turner of a book. With great humility, Lori has woven together a very insightful personal story of transformation.” 

“I read her book, “The Happy Place” in just a couple of hours. Every bit of it touched my heart because of the vulnerability with which she writes.” 

“An absolute pleasure to read!”  


Is this just another self-help manual?

“What is really great about this little book is that she has brought the reader along for the ride and in the process has put together a doable set of steps that anyone can do and follow to their own happy place.”

“And much to my surprise (as I was taking notes while reading), the book included a series of tools that outline this healing system.”

“What Gosselin does so well in her book is to take the most recent neuroscience research confirming that the brain is capable of change, tell us how she changed her own brain circuits, and then simply explains how the reader can too.” 

“Taking Gosselin’s journey with her as she discovers why she is unhappy, or always feels second-best, and then dramatically changes her life by processing her own feelings, is very inspirational and can guide anyone along the same beautiful path.” 

“The narrative of her personal path to peace is engaging and I am sure a good starting point for others wanting to reach that destination too. Haven’t had much exposure to this type of literature and I’m happy to have encountered it.” 

“It gives an unusual formula for resolving and discovering unpleasant feelings.” 

“What I love about the book is that Lori not only explains how she stripped away layers of self-harming patterns, she offers concrete methods that enable anyone to do it.” 

“Unlike many other personal development works, Lori Gosselin’s The Happy Place is an actual case study of her own life rather than an aggregate sum of published self-help techniques.” 


What else can you tell us about The Happy Place?

“Lori Gosselin shares with her readers a comprehensive and very achievable formula for finding our “Happy Place”. 

“Lori not only shares the wisdom of her life, she ties it all together with practical application at the end giving the reader an even greater gift!”

“Not only does Lori tell a compelling tale of “lost and found”, but she gives a clear synopsis and provides tools that you can use to elevate your life to your happiest place.”

“As a healer, I really enjoyed Lori Gosselin’s new book which condensed and distilled useful elements from multiple experiential, philosophical and psychological angles into an individualized healing tool.”