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A community is an inclusive, supportive, highly connected group of individuals who have learned to work, play and celebrate well together. A community is more than a cohort, more than a team. A community is a special place of belonging where you feel it is safe to be yourself and to communicate what you really feel.
Only if you want people to be happy there, to work well together, to support one another, to collaborate well, and to communicate fearlessly so that innovations may come to light. Community in the workplace increases retention which saves money for an organization. But that's now why we advocate community building in the workplace. We advocate it because we believe everyone should be as happy to come to work on a Monday morning as they are to leave for home on a Friday afternoon. Community building is the next generation of Team building. Give it a try!
We offer everything from individual coaching/consulting sessions to culture tune-up programs, to onboarding, rebranding to a full Community Leadership Certification program.
We provide free consultations to discuss issues you face so we can determine whether or not our programs will address your needs.
Community leadership is on the cutting edge of leadership as it comprises the ability to build, guide, and maintain a community. Once the group has evolved into a community, it is a powerful problem-solving, collaborative body as it calls on all the wisdom, experience, and diversity of its members and does so in a safe space where people feel free to share perhaps radical ideas. This contributes to the evolution of the organization.
Onboarding should include a component of community building in order to include new members into the culture. It also serves as a tune-up/maintenance program for all members of the group.
A corporation can change its signage, its website, its logo and even its name but if it does not address the culture itself, nothing of significance will have changed. Rebranding needs to go deep into organizational culture and this is where Kalliergo programs shine.