What is Community Consciousness?

My Mission is to Spread Community Consciousness, But What Exactly Is That?

Come and gain Community consciousness

Let’s break “community consciousness” down.

A community is a place where you feel accepted, loved, relaxed, and happy because it is safe, there, to be exactly who you are without needing to try to measure up or prove your value.

When you belong to a community, it is like you have a seat by a campfire with a group of treasured friends who see, hear, acknowledge, and value you, with whom you enjoy authentic, wonderful connections.

The feeling state of true community is so rare that it seems unattainable; we do not even reach for it. Yet, we find ourselves drawn to the idea of “community” because of the feeling the word represents to us.

So, what, then, is consciousness? The common definition is;

“the state of being awake, thinking, and knowing what is happening around you”

But it is also defined this way;

“consciousness is a special awareness or sensitivity”

Awareness! Yes! But awareness of what? Community consciousness suggests an awareness of community – still; what does it mean to be aware of community?

We need both definitions to answer this question;

“Community consciousness is a state of being awake to the reality that all around us are people who share this life with us – that we are literally “all in this together”. It is a beautiful awareness of the potential for us to live in community together; a place free of judgment, filled with support, camaraderie, friendship, and love.”

We don’t need to wait and hope we will be invited into a community. We can build communities ourselves; with our families, our neighbors, our colleagues, and our friends. The more communities we build, the more we will all spread community consciousness.

Building community is how we authentically care for the people in our lives. There is little in life more rewarding or enriching than community building.

At Kalliergo Community Building, we teach you how to build communities in programs that leave participants inspired with community consciousness, knowing how to build, guide, and sustain communities.

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Photo by Silvia Grešová on Unsplash