Creating Community

The Skills of Creating Community

In a world so desperately in need of community, the skills of creating community are precious and timely.

A community is a beautiful thing. It is The Universal Happy Place, a place where people care about and support one another, are authentically connected to one another, and celebrate life together.

Community is much more than something that can be defined by geographical boundaries and shared interests. It is a place where you belong; one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Everyone should have a community in their life.

How Do You Create Community?

M Scott Peck, the author of The Different Drum; Community Making and Peace, said that community building isn’t something you do to a group – it’s something you do with a group. In other words, you can’t organize a group into community. Community building is not a top-down exercise where the leader gives directions to the people in the group and stands aside while they get to work. In community building, the leader is fully engaged in the process.

Yet, if a leader is to have any success in fostering the community building process, they have to first acquire a deep understanding of community and the process through which a group becomes one. Community building is not like team building. There is much more to it than that. Creating community involves skills that are complex and intuitive.

If you’re an autodidact, (as I am) you might like to read the book I wrote about creating community. You could also go to my blog, Life,, where you will find over 100 articles about community and community building.

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Photo by Anna Gru on Unsplash